I personally buy & invest in businesses.Exiting your business is the only way to unlock true personal wealth.A capital transaction, like a sale or merger, will give you total life freedom.

Bradley Lay is an expert in value and growth acceleration, turnarounds and exits.

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☎️ Call me:+44 (0) 7952 885964

📧 Email me:bradley@bradleylay.com

☎️ Call me:+44 (0) 7952 885964

📧 Email me:bradley@bradleylay.com


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☎️ Call me:+44 (0) 7952 885964

📧 Email me:bradley@bradleylay.com


The Magic Number

Tell us the amount you are after from your business sale and we will work with you to achieve this

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There are 150+ ways to value a business! Brokers can be guilty of setting unrealistic expectations. We work with you to achieve your magic number

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Our due diligence process is designed to be as frictionless, simple and straight forward as possible. We can usually have this complete within a week!

Existing Staff

All the staff who have contributed to your business success will be kept in their jobs. Most times we actively look to incentivise a management team with progression and reward them with equity

No Changes

If it ain't broke, we don't fix it! Our preference is to be as least disruptive as possible and make slow, gradual improvements in collaboration with staff

My Network

My incredible network allows us to get in front of pretty much any business in the world! Be safe in the knowledge your legacy will continue to thrive under new leadership

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Having helped to scale a UK Construction business from £12m ($18m) to £150m ($180m) revenue as Group CFO, Bradley executed a successful exit in 2022.Since then, Bradley has become a sought-after consultant, mentor and equity partner for founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders worldwide. Through his guidance, countless individuals have achieved peak performance, unlocking their true potential both in their businesses and personal lives.

A distinguished author; his best-seller, "The 1-Hour Work Day," has captivated readers with its insightful approach to succession planning within business.Family is important to Bradley, having been with his wife for 25+ years, they have 4 amazing kids together!



☎️ Call me:+44 (0) 7952 885964

📧 Email me:bradley@bradleylay.com

Long Established Business Owner.Seeking to sell your business for an early retirementUnlock the hidden wealth from your business

If you are looking to sell your business then get in touch to arrange a meeting. We buy businesses with revenues of £300k plus and have a special interest in:✅ Construction Industry
✅ Manufacturing Industry
💸 Quick and Easy Sale:Once we have met and have taken a look at your business we will let you know if we are able to make an offer.🏎️ Fast Due Diligence:Some buyers will take an extraordinary amount of time doing their due diligence. Whilst it is important to carry out due diligence it needn't take all the time in the world.🙋 Existing Employees:Your staff will be well looked after by us. We believe in keeping the team in place that has created such a successful company, often rewarding and incentivising them with long term equity.👍 Legacy:We understand the commitment you have made to your employees, customers and suppliers and that you are looking for a safe pair of hands that will honour your legacy.

☎️ Call me:+44 (0) 7952 885964

📧 Email me:bradley@bradleylay.com

Distressed BusinessLooking for a quick sale or turnaround?Protect your business legacy and personal finance situation

If your business is in trouble, then getting the right help to turn it around is key.Bradley Lay has vast previous experience of assisting organisations that are dealing with financial problems. Let him help you deal with any common challenges you may be facing, from mounting debts to sorting out voluntary arrangements.Sometimes when you are personally involved with your own business, it can be hard to see what the best course of action is. Bradley can provide a totally objective view to cut through the confusion and implement the most effective solutions.Do not give up and think that insolvency is the only answer to the financial crisis you are dealing with. Many so-called experts will charge you lots of money for their services. Our business model, however, proves that there are smarter options out there for companies struggling financially with no need to take on extra costs.💰 Cash Flow Crisis:Unpredictable, stressful and putting you in a vulnerable position. Unmanaged cashflow is the number one business killer. We restructure how you operate your cash and move you to a positive cash flow position.❗️ Living In The Overdraft:The overdraft is designed to help you ride the peaks and troughs of cash flow. However businesses get trapped and start to live in their overdrafts which attracts high fees and leads to poor cash flow.😬 Personal Guarantees:You created a limited company to do just that, have limited liability. However finance companies are always pushing to remove your limited liability. We will remove your personal guarantees.🧾 Invoice Factoring:Invoice factoring is like a drug. Once hooked it is incredibly difficult to remove the business from it. We work with businesses to remove invoice factoring without causing a negative cash flow situation.

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Growing & Scaling BusinessAchieve the maximum value for your businessWe can buy, merge or scale your business, you decide

A challenge that many businesses face as they grow is turning their business from ad hoc to structured. In order to scale your business it has to be completely structured in a way that the business owner is no longer needed to make it run.If you want to accelerate the value of your business in as quick as time as possible, then get in touch today.

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June 1, 2024

Maximise Your Business Shareholder Value in 2024


In today’s issue, I’m going to share 3 powerful strategies that you can action in order to accelerate your business Shareholder Value for the remainder of 2024.Running a business in construction or manufacturing just seems to get harder and harder, so it's even more important now than ever to focus on increasing your business shareholder value and preparing for a “Capital Event” (a huge payday with a business sale and/or exit).Don’t be that person who runs a business with £1m+ sales but never realises the business full value when it comes time to sell!By implementing these 3 important strategies for the rest of this year, you'll accelerate your business growth and shareholder value, for a life changing capital event in 2025/2026.1️⃣ Shift Your Focus to Shareholder Value
As a business owner it’s easy to get bogged down by the traditional measures like sales, costs, and tender rates.
As much as an investor/buyer would care about these, the true measure of your business's success lies in its shareholder value.This concept was driven home to me by a conversation with a seasoned investor, where he stressed the importance of focusing on metrics that investors value the most.He said, “Bradley, revenue is important, but what drives a higher sale price is the value a business offers to its shareholders. Investors want to see consistent growth in value, not just sales.”This advice has been pivotal in my approach to business and should be for you too.When you consistently work on increasing shareholder value, you build a more attractive business for potential buyers and set yourself up for a significant capital event.2️⃣ Build a Strong, Independent TeamOne of the biggest challenges business owners face is being too involved in day-to-day operations.This not only limits your business's growth potential but also makes it less appealing to buyers.Here’s my advice: build a strong, independent team.Think about it. If your business runs smoothly without your constant input, it’s more valuable. Buyers are looking for businesses that can thrive independently.To achieve this, start delegating effectively.Hire and train capable leaders in key areas of your business.Implement systems and processes that ensure consistent performance even in your absence.This will not only free up your time to focus on strategic growth but also significantly increase your business's attractiveness to potential buyers.3️⃣ Embrace Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)One of the most effective ways to rapidly increase your business’s value is through mergers and acquisitions.M&A allows you to quickly scale your operations, enter new markets, and enhance your product offerings.It’s a powerful strategy to drive significant growth and shareholder value.Back in my days at the construction company I helped scale, M&A played a crucial role.We strategically acquired smaller businesses, bolting them onto our operations.This not only expanded our market presence but also significantly increased our value.In 2024, consider identifying potential acquisition targets.Look for businesses that complement your operations and can provide immediate value.This will not only accelerate your growth but also make your business far more appealing to potential buyers.Here's the short version:1️⃣ Focus on increasing shareholder value rather than just traditional metrics.2️⃣ Build a strong, independent team to enhance your business’s appeal.3️⃣ Leverage M&A to rapidly scale and increase value.Three strategic lessons, but an issue that will be very impactful if you understand how to use them.See you next week.

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